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NPP Manifesto Highlights (Promises) - On Health


The NPP Manifesto recognizes the need for affordable, equitable and accessible healthcare. The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is an important lever in this regard.

Specific promises include:

  • Revive the NHIS to make it efficient in a bid to achieve universal health coverage for all Ghanaians.

  • Invest in the expansion and equipping of medical schools to train more medical doctors.

  • Restore trainee nurses’ allowances in full.

  • Provide free specialist postgraduate training in our established postgraduate training institutions.

  • Restore and streamline tax reliefs to facilitate the purchase of vehicles by healthcare workers.

  • Build an Accident and Emergency Centre in Takoradi

  • Aim for each district to have at least one hospital and upgrade all existing district hospitals.

  • Establish a world class Research & Laboratory Centre

  • Work with the private sector to establish trauma centres within hospitals along the main highways to facilitate medical treatment of citizens in cases of accidents.

  • Make sure existing hospitals and clinics are adequately supplied with basic drugs, gloves, syringes, oxygen, and anti-snake serum.

  • Establish centres at all levels of our healthcare delivery system for screening, diagnosis, early detection and prevention of cancers, paid for under the restructured and revitalised NHIS.

  • Implement a comprehensive plan for the safe disposal of biomedical waste.

  • Incorporate traditional medicine in the health delivery system.

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