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NPP Manifesto Highlights (Promises) - Re-Orienting Capital Expenditure to Rural Communities, Inner

These are highlights of the promises made by the New Patriotic Party as part of their plans to transform various part of the capital cities:

1. The restructuring of the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) to the original design and mandate of the Northern Development Authority (NDA).

2. The establishment of a Middle Belt Development Authority (MBA).

3. The establishment of a Coastal Development Authority (CDA).

4. The establishment of a Zongo Development Fund.

6. The creation of a new, “Western North” Administrative Region.

7. The restructuring of the Royalty Sharing Ratios with Mining Communities to increase the share of revenues that mining communities currently receive in royalty payments.

8. Every constituency in the country will be allocated the equivalent of $1 Million annually to finance capital expenditure on upgrading and improving infrastructure, and/or on developing new facilities especially in rural and deprived communities.

8. Accelerated provision of irrigation infrastructure, enhanced access to credit and inputs for agriculture, processing and export.

9. Improved access to mechanized agriculture, with modernized extension services and accelerated infrastructure provision for livestock and aquaculture.

10. Interventions in agriculture, complemented by appropriate interventions in the trade and industrial sectors in northern Ghana.

11. Integrated approach to rural development.

12. Support for the retention of water for irrigation and dry season farming through a policy of “One Village, One Dam” to provide “dams” to all villages. Ensure the development of a healthy, knowledgeable, well trained and disciplined labour force with the capacity to drive and sustain private sector-led growth in northern Ghana.

13.Work with the private sector to establish agro-processing industries and manufacturing/assembly plants to provide sustainable jobs for the unemployed youth of the northern regions.

14.Provide incentives for private investors for the sustainable exploration of minerals in the three northern regions.

15. Pursue an employment-centred economic growth and development strategy.

16. NPP proposes to create a “Western North” region out of the existing Western Region in order to open it up for accelerated development.

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