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NPP Manifesto Highlights (Promises) - Youth and Sports

The New Patriotic Party has made the following promises in their manifesto on youth and sports:

1. Set up a Youth Development Authority (YDA) to harmonise and coordinate all government-sponsored youth initiatives and policies.

2. Establish a Youth Enterprises Fund (YEF) that will provide funding and business development services for businesses owned by young entrepreneurs, especially start-ups.

3. Develop industrial parks in all regions targeting young Ghanaians, who start or wish to start small businesses.

4. Offer tax incentives to young entrepreneurs to encourage them to initiate start-ups.

5. Introduce tax credits and other incentives for companies that hire young graduates from tertiary institutions.

6. Concentrate on ICT training to create job avenues locally and offshore for our youth.

7. Institute a Buy-Local policy for Government agencies with regards to ICT to ensure that applications and software are procured from local ICT firms.

8. Modernize sports through the provision of the right legal framework, by enacting the comprehensive Sports Bill initiated under President Kufuor.

9. Ensure that District Assemblies fully participate in sports development and promotion.

10. Develop, in partnership with the private sector, Youth Development & Sports Centres in all Regions. Each centre will house a fully-equipped library, ICT hub, social hall, multi-purpose pitches and courts.

11. Complete the construction of the University of Ghana stadium started by the Kufuor-led NPP government.

12. Pursue the vision of providing modern multi-sport stadia for the regions currently without one, namely Brong Ahafo, Eastern, Upper East, Upper West and Volta.

13. Establish a special unit at the Ministry to develop and promote sporting disciplines other than football, and to concentrate on the revival of school sports.

14. Encourage the private sector to provide funding for sports through the establishment of incentive packages, as well creating a Sports Fund to support the financing of sports.

15. Establish three sports colleges in collaboration with the private sector.

16. Develop a Youth in Sports module to support young sportsmen and women and to create job opportunities for them.

17. Invest in a special Women-In-Sports programme to help unearth and support female athletes and sports talents across the country.

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