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Press Statement: GhElection Promises Calls on Government To Fulfill Promise on Reviewing Location of

GhElection Promises would like to call on Government to fulfill a campaign promise Government made in the 2016 New Patriotic Party Manifesto. In Chapter 6, page 79 of the 2016 New Patriotic Party Manifesto, Government as part of measures to reduce road fatalities and injuries promised, "reviewing location and lay-bys of fuel stations".

Taking into consideration the recent gas explosion at Atomic junction and the over 5 gas explosions that have happened in the country in the past three years, it is imperative that Government fulfils the promise it made to Ghanaians.

Reviewing the location of fuel stations is the way to go in an era where fuel stations are springing up like beer bars. Failure of Government to review the location of fuel stations in Ghana puts the life of Ghanaians at risk.

We will also like to draw Government's attention to six filling station that have been declared unsafe by the National Petroleum Authority. According to the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Hassan Tampuli, the LPG filling gas stations at Adjei Kojo, Tema community 9, Ada Bedeku, Kobekrom, Ada Kasei, and Oyibi are not safe.

GhElection Promises is a civic initiative aimed at matching the promises of the Government against its performance.

Visit Facebook : and Twitter : to participate in this exciting exercise of tracking promises of the current government.

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