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NPP Manifesto: 6 Broken Promises of the Nana Addo Government in 2017

The current Government has consistently maintained, they would fulfill the social contract they signed with Ghanaians in the 2016 manifesto of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). It must be noted that NPP made more than 300 promises in their 2016 manifesto.

This is a list of some of their broken promises as at January 7, 2017 a year after they were sworn into office:

1 Constituency - $1 Million dollars not distributed: Government in its 2016 manifesto promised delivering $1 Million to the 275 Constituencies in Ghana annually. The 2017 financial year ended amidst the failure of Government to disburse the money to the constituencies as promised.

National ID card – According to the NPP Manifesto, the national identification scheme would be completed within a year after they take office. All Ghanaians in the country were expected to be registered unto the scheme and issued a national ID Card. However as at the end of 2017 only one person the President, had received the National ID Card.

Annual establishment of 1,000 hectares of bamboo and rattan plantation: Under an afforestation policy, Government promised supporting the establishment of 1,000 hectares of bamboo and rattan plantations annually. This target of Government was not actualized in 2017.

Women to occupy 30% of public office Positions: As part of measures to promote gender equality, the New Patriotic party promised to ensure the “appointment of women to at least 30% of available public office positions”. The President made numerous appointments of women into various key positions like the Chief of Staff, Chief Justice among several others but the 30% threshold was not met.

Transparent distribution of Pre-mix Fuel: One of the scandals that rocked the current Government in 2017 was the pre-mix FUEL allegations. Key Government officials were accused of diverting pre-mix fuels. This was a sharp contrast to a Government that pledged in its manifesto to ensure an effective and transparent distribution of pre-mix fuel to fisherfolk. CitifmOnline on November 27, 2017 reported 200 cases of pre-mix fuel diversions in 2017.

National Audit of Skills: Vocational and skills training are essential ingredients in maintaining a workforce that fits into the industrialization policy of any country. As such, the NPP before they took power promised to undertake a national audit of skills and competencies within their first year of assuming power. The NPP is in its second year and the national audit of skills and competencies has not started.


Written by Nathaniel Alpha, GH Election Promises Content lead

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