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NPP Manifesto: 25 fulfilled Promises by Nana Addo In his first year.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) made more than 300 promises in their 2016 manifesto. The party has so far fulfilled some significant portions of their promises, some are in progress, others not started and some broken.

Below are some promises that had been achieved as at January 7, 2018, a year after Nana Addo was sworn into office. Fulfilled achieved here, are promises that are functional and can be felt and assessed by Ghanaians.

1. Government has established a Youth Enterprise Fund (YEF) to provide funding and business development services for businesses owned by young entrepreneurs, especially start-ups. The YEF has been branded to be what we know as the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation fund.

2. Companies that employ young graduates enjoy tax credit and inventions from Government. The 2017 budget of Government captured this policy for companies.

3. Government has restored the trainee nurses’ allowances. Nurses in various certified institutions from government receive the “nursing training” allowance.

4. Caterers in the Ghana School feeding Programme buy their foodstuff from local farmers.

5. The Diaspora Affairs Bureau which use to be under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been moved from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Office of the President. Akwasi Awua Ababio is the current director of Diaspora Affairs at the office of the President.

6. Teacher trainees are now receiving allowance from government. This is in fulfillment of the “Restore in full, teacher trainee allowances.” promise made in the NPP 2016 manifesto.

7. President Nana Addo on January 2, 2018 signed the bill of Parliament to establish the Office of the Special Prosecutor. As at the time of issuing this piece, Martin Amidu had been appointed as the first Special Prosecutor.

8. The 2017 budget passed by parliament exempted Kayayei’s (Head Porters) from market tolls. Subsequently the Ministry of Gender has also organized some of training for them.

9. Government has increased the amount of loans under the Student loan scheme.

10. Senior High School education is currently free for all, this is part of a policy to make basic education free for all Ghanaians.

11. Government currently pays the utility bills of tertiary students in Government supported institutions.

12. A Presidential Advisory Council for Science and Technology (PACST) has been formed to advise the President on issues and policies regarding science, technology and innovation.

13. The Special Import Levy has been abolished.

14. The 17.5% VAT on financial services abolished.

15. Government has succeeded in achieving an increase in oil and gas revenues from TEN and SANKOFA fields.

16. Government has ended Dumsor, an energy crisis we existed in 2016.

17. Government through Parliament has passed the needed legislation and approved it to establish the Coastal Development Authority (CDA).

18. The Middle Belt Development Authority (MDA) has been established.

19. The Savannah Accelerated Development Authority know has “SADA” has been turned into the Northern Development Authority as promised.

20.The President has created the Creative Arts Council headed by Ghanaian music producer and artist manager, Mark Okraku Mantey.

21. Government has created the Zongo Development fund.

22. Government has revived the National Grains board as promised.

23. Government has reduced the 17.5% VAT/NHIL on selected imported medicines, which are not produced locally.

24. Petroleum price deregulation policy was effectively implemented in 2017.

25. Government has succeeded in instituting reforms in Ghana’s clearing systems at our ports. One Significant change has been the paperless port transaction system.

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